Precious the Pig`s Diary

The Story of Arnold and Precious - Pigs in Love

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Arnold was rescued as a baby from a hunter and taken to Melbourne where he lived with a loving family in the back yard of a suburban house for 5 years until someone complained and the council tried to have him evicted. Precious lived with a loving family in Country Victoria who heard of his problem and offered him a temporary home until the he was safe. Arnold came up to stay with Precious and love blossomed between the two.There was a huge party called a Pig Lovers Pignic and the Wonder Pigs were there to entertain the crowd. When Arnold had to go home both of them missed each other badly. Arnold refused to eat and his family George and Vicki had to give him lots of cuddles and play soccer with him. Precious built a huge nest and was very depressed.So her family Bev and Noel found a little baby pig named Harry to keep her company. He is really cute.

Harry is here!

Tranquil Hills

Saturday, June 28, 2009 7:57AM
Harry also known as Harry Houdini, Dirty Harry and Prince Harry has a very enthusiastic personality. When he was small he escaped from his pen contantly because he was so little he could wriggle under the fence. Now he has grown so fat he cannot get under the fence however just recently he dug a huge hole and escaped. We found him a few hundred yards away in the orchard quietly munching grass.We had tracked him down by his trotter prints and because we carried a bucket of apples with us he was happy to follow us back to his pen. We think he was a bit lost and worried. We call him Dirty Harry at meal times because when we tip his food into his bowl he dives into it before it can reach his bowl and gets it all over his head. The reason we call his Prince Harry is because he is hansome, confident and a party animal.


Harry has two new girlfriends staying with him at the moment. Angel and Leaping Lizzie. Lizzie was named after climbing up on a bale of hay while she was traveling in the stock crate she was being transported in and doing a swan dive off the top rails onto the road, where she did a summersault and landing sitting up with a surprised look on her face. Luckily she was just a bit bruised the vet checked her out and she was shaken but not stirred.

We had a difficult job enticing her back into the trailer to continue the journey but luckily some neighbours arrived and with the help of some gates we made a temporary pen and race and managed to get her back into the trailer and home safely

The other pig was named Angel because of her good behavior and the two of them were kept separate from Harry for a few days to settle down. However one morning we awoke to the sound of crashing, banging and squeeling and went over to find that Harry had lifted up the heavy duty gate with his nose and gone under it like a cat flap and was proceeding to woo his new lady friends. So we opened up all the gates and let them run around. The girls were having great fun running a few steps ahead of Harry while he followed like a lovesick puppy.Harrys Harem

Watch this space for updates.- Piglets due any day now!