Wine Me Dine Me

John Wood from Wine me Dine me and his crew visited Tranquil Hills on Sunday 18th March to film a segment for their new series. John enjoyed home made orange juice and citrus muffins under an orange tree in the orchard. He called it Smoko El Fresco.He also visited Precious the Pig in her pen and told us that his daughter has a pet pig by the name of Barney.
The episode went to air in Mid April 2007

Wine Me Dine Me Wine Me Dine Me

Discover Down Under

Visited the farm on 11 April 2007.

Discover Down Under Discover Down Under


Wilbur of Charlottes Web

Pam Ahern with Wilbur attended Piglover’s Picnic.

Wilbur of Charlottes Web Wilbur of Charlottes Web


Coxy's Big Break comes to Tranquil Hills

Coxy came to Tranquil Hills to judge the great Marmalade making competition.

Coxys Big Break comes to Tranquil Hills Coxys Big Break comes to Tranquil Hills

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