About Us

Tranquil HillsTranquil Hills, is a citrus orchard situated in the gentle undulating countryside of the flood plains of the mighty Murray River.

The Orchard

Bev and Noel Fisher have 80 acres of citrus trees. mostly navel oranges and  valencia oranges with small quantities of limes, blood oranges, lemons, grapefruit and Buddha's hands.  Fruit is sold by bulk only please email any enquiries to info@tranquilhills.com.au

The Consultancy.

Both Noel and Bev have consultancy businesses. Noel specializes in Industrial and commercial plumbing such as water treatment plants and deep sewers.

Bev specializes in helping small food and beverage industries to grow. She has experience in tourism, cottage industries and juice manufacture.

The enquire email us on info@tranquilhills.com.au