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Noel and Bev Fisher, Profiles

Tranquil Hills Orchards.

Precious the pig and friends.



Bev is a food, wine and tourism consultant with experience in maximizing farm gate sales, product development and tourism. She was 2004 Victorian Runner Up in the RIRDC Rural Womens Awards and 2005 Victorian Finalist in the Australian Womens Weekly Legends of the Land Competition. Bev has experience in farmers markets, cottage industries and juice manufacturing and has worked for private and government clients.

Bev has worked as a consultant for Moira Shire Council assisting with the development of  Suncountry Food, Wine and Produce.She has also worked for a prison where the scope of work was to research the viability of increasing profiles from their orchard by direct marketing, value adding and facilitating discussions with purchasers regarding improving fruit quality. She has worked for a juice company, researching viable bulk juice markets, assisting with entering the domestic and export juice markets. She has also worked for farmgate trail operators helping them to apply for grants..

The Fishers property Tranquil Hills has been featured on several Television Shows including Mecurio's Menu, Coxy's Big Break, Wine Me Done Me, Discover Down under, Talk to the Animals and Travel Oz.


Noel is an industrial plumbing consultant specializing in water treatment plants, deep sewers and other large commercial projects. Noel has had many years experience and enjoys a challenge.Noel has worked from several water authorities as a contractor and has comprehensive plumbing and drainage knowledge and extensive networks of contacts in the industry.

The Orchard

Tranquil Hills, is a 80 acre citrus orchard situated in the gentle undulating countryside of the flood plains of the mighty Murray River. See the Media Page for details of the Television Show which have filmed at Tranquil Hills.

Bev and Noel Fisher are continuously expanding the range of citrus fruits from the traditional Valencia and Navel to limes, blood oranges and other exotic citrus such as Pomello's and Buddha's Hands.Fruit sold in bulk only please email us on info@tranquilhills.com.au SORRY NO PICKERS REQUIRED.

 Precious the Pig

Bev and Noel have two pet pigs by the name of Precious and Harry. Also at present they have two visiting pigs, also known as Harry's girlfriends Leaping Lizzie and Angel. Angel had a six piglets three months ago. Lizzie is pregnant and due in 3 weeks.

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